Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Price Mood Pen (10000)

Price Mood Pen (10000)

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Mood Pen (10000)

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Product Description

Print on Mood Pen reads:

Warm Hands are Relaxed, Cold Hands are Tense.

To RELAX, close your eyes & breathe in deeply, count to 10, breathe out, count to 10. Pen changes color when you are relaxed. Take 10 minute rest break each day. Breathe like this during stress.

At about 90 degrees F = 32.2 C, the color on the Mood Pen changes color. So your warm fingers will leave marks on the pen. Hands temperatures above 90 F is a sign of calm and relaxation. Below 90 F the pen ink color will be the same all over.

It is a handy reminder to look down during the day and get a reading of your stress level by checking the color of your Mood Pen. It can encourage you to relax during a stressful day.

If your hands are warmer than 90 F or 32.2 C, then you will see lighters spots of color on the outside of the Mood Pen where ever your hand has touched it. Mood Pen color change can be a good sign that you maintaining a healthy balance of both alertness and calm. You blood pressure can be normal and you are less risk of headaches and other stress illnesses.

These make a great handout for schools, health clinics, HR, EAP, any business, etc. They can be custom imprinted so they then become a fantastic marketing tool carrying your contact information. People love to use pens and pencils to have friends and others check their stress level.

What you get

6 Mood Pens, mixed colors, Each Mood Pen is imprinted = see above. Mood Penc can be used over and over.

Product Details

  • Brand:
  • Model: mdpen - 6
  • Number of items: 6
  • Dimensions: 310.00 pounds


  • Pen measures stress by color change
  • warm hands cause color of pen to change to indicate relaxation
  • assorted color pen barrels - mixed colors
  • Pen color change when hands warm to 90F or so
  • catch stress before it builds into a headache or worse

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